Keypad and LCD Repairs


Probably the most common faults on the Codan 9xxx series of radios are:

a keypad with buttons that are very hard to push. The On/Off button seems to be the first to go,

in fact I've even had radios sent to me with "wont power up" faults whereby the actual fault was the keypad.

No matter how hard I pressed the radio wouldn't power up. I have dissected a faulty keypad, and what it

looks like is that over the years the glue that sticks the front film to the PCB behind it leaches its way in

between the switch contacts and causes problems.


                                    Aftermarket replacement remote head Keypad


You will need to re-use your original your original wiring loom and mute Leds

Wiring position is very similar to original-Note that the black wire (membrane backlighting) is now not used.


                                                         Keypad ready to re-install


                                                            Finished product.



Replacement Keypads and LCD displays are available from