Personalising the Codan 9323, 9360 and 9780 transceivers  
(Thanks to Peter Harland of QLD)      
    Setup PROCEDURE  
Enter setup mode by pressing the MODE button on the control  panel 4 (four) times. Use mircophone keypad to enter Setup code:
Procedure Setup code Description Setting - Comment
BEEP LOUDNESS 33 change the volume of the beeps by the transceiver NORMAL (selectable)
CALL PREAMBLE LENGTH 242 sets the length of the preamble  transmitted at the start select SELCALL - if ALE is not fitted
    of a selcall  
CALL PRIVACY 2443 limits stations that can receive your GPS, Page call and  OFF - unless you have a specific reason to enable privacy
    Status call transmissions  
CLOCK CALIBRATION 412 calibrates the transceiver clock against a external standard  - adjusts time gain or loss 
CLOCK SETTING 411 sets time and date of the transceiver clock  
DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS 311 changes brightness of display  
DISPLAY CONTRAST 312 changes contrast of display  
DISPLAY DIAGNOSTICS 314 switches on or off the diagnostics display  of the transceiver if ON it replaces the channel info (tag)
DISPLAY FREQUENCY 313 set how the frequency is displayed for each channel Rx/Tx
FREE TUNE RECEIVER 3442 turns on/off ability to free tune receiver  
PAGE CALL MESSAGE SETUP 24441 can store up to 3 pre recorded messages for sending except  Version 1 Firmware
POWER UP MESSAGE 34411 allows for message to be displayed for a few moments when optional personal message
    transceiver first starts up  
POWER UP MUTE 34412 selects initial mute setting on start up select SELCALL, VOICE mute or NONE
POWER UP ADDRESS 34413 shows self I.D. (your selcall) on startup shows/hide your selcall 
PTT RELEASE BEEP 3432 switches on/off PTT release beep saves saying "OVER" - other party hears a "BEEP" instead
PTT TRANSMIT CUTOUT 3431 prevents transceiver being left on transmit state set time - transceiver protection
POWER OUTPUT  3433 sets ability to select power output level - 10 or 100W ENABLE - not available on Version 1 firmware
RECALL CHANNEL BY FREQUENCY 32 enables recall channels by frequency ON -recalls either by frequency or channel number
RF GAIN 3443 switches on RF gain ON - transceiver is more sensitive to low strength signals
SELCALL ID 211 setup selcall and telcall ID's - up to 5 ID's assign ID
SELCALL SIZE 213 sets selcall ID size - 4 or 6 digits check with network provider
STATUS CALL AVAILABILITY 24442 allows you send and receive diagnostic, config and user calls ON - not available with Version 1 firmware
TELCALL AVAILABILITY 22 switches on ability to make telcall (phone calls) ON
IF GPS OPTION is AVAILABLE and GPS connected  
GPS DISPLAY 3421 switches on the display of your GPS location ENABLE - replaces Channel tag info
GPS TIMEOUT 3422 GPS timeout warning DISABLE
RS-323 CONNECTED EQUIPMENT 3411 identifies equipment connected to either the RS-232 or GP  select GPS NMEA-0183
    ports - on back of transceiver  
RS-232 BAUD RATE 3412 synchronise speed for information transfer set 4800 ( check GPS receiver baud rate - typically 4800)